Big Switch pack (110) - Analog Flaretech switches

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  • Production date: April, 2019
  • Estimated delivery: Mid-June, 2019

Optical Flaretech switches with analog capabilities available in packs of 110. These are smoothest, linear and fastest type of switches you'll ever experience.

Flaretech analog switches are only compatible with Wooting keyboards.

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Package contains:

  • 110x Flaretech analog switches

  • 1x Switch/keycap puller

Flaretech analog switches are only  compatible with Wooting keyboards.

It's not possible to install Flaretech switches on a regular PCB/keyboard and get analog input.

It's not possible to use these switches for other keyboards using the non-analog Flaretech switches.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Clicky switches

They are so much better than any mx or mx clones I have tested. For the time being my main switches for typing and playing csgo.

Great !

Exactly the sweet spot between the clicky red and the soft blue switches, highly recommended

blue switches for wooting one

Hi, I love the keyboard but I realize i can't get use to the red switch so I should have bought the blue switch keyboard, and even saved 10 usd.
anyway now I would like to order blue switch pack for the TKL keyboard.
I only found 110 switches for the wootig two.
any change to get the smaller pack for the TKL.

And how are the the new key caps with led lighting work in the wootility?
Is there another version, and is it then possible to have two different lights per key?

Thank you.

Edwin van Gent.
Amersfoort, Netherlands.