Full set Seamless Backlight Double-shot PBT Keycaps.

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Est. Delivery: December - January

Will ship/launch at the same time as the Wooting two

Them caps are thick

Seamless Double-shot PBT keycaps with backlight. 1.4mm thick pbt, textured surface and non-gamer design. These caps will never fade, tear or wear and last longer than your keyboard.

They fit any Flaretech, CherryMX or clone stem, including Wooting keyboards and have a standard bottom-row.

This set is a standard US ANSI layout including 3x ISO keys for ISO layout keyboards. Other languages are not available yet.

Learn more about keyboard language and keycaps layouts to better understand how things work.

ps: Does not come with Wooting two featured in pictures. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

What is:

Double-shot - It's 2 plastic injections. One for the outer shell of the keycap and another for the legend. The legends will never fade or wear.

PBT - A stiffer and durable plastic than standard ABS keycaps. PBT doesn't discolor or develop any type of shine over time (also helps against those fatty finger stains). It stays true in its color and design for years.

Backlit - The legends on the keys allow LED backlighting to go through.

keycaps - This is your physical interaction with the keyboard, it gives the feel, changes the keyboard sound and impacts the total design by 80%.

Seamless legends - O, B, R, Q, R and any key legend that makes a full closed circle is seamless.

Open legends - O, B, R, Q, R and any key legend that makes a circle but has a small gap in between.

seamless vs open legend keycaps

You can also read this blog post with everything you need to know about mechanical keyboard keycaps.

Package contains:

  • 112x keycaps
    • 4x ISO keycaps
    • 4x Media keys
    • 104x US English ANSI layout keys
    • 1x Switch/keycap puller

PBT keycaps ANSI plus ISO keys


Material Double-shot PBT
Keycap color Carbon-black
Legends color Transparent (Backlight)


OEM profile






US English